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On 30 June 2019, Martin Punch retired as a Partner of SPG Lawyers.  This brought to a close, a valued contribution to the advancement of the firm over many decades.

Martin first joined the practice known as Hill Collas Bradley and Short in 1970.  After the formation of Short Punch & Greatorix in 1974, Martin became a Partner of the firm in 1977.

Since that time, Martin practised exclusively in the area of commercial law.  He developed a particular expertise in the areas of conveyancing, leasing and small business sales (including stamp duty and GST advice). 

Martin also became one of the leading solicitors in the emerging area of Management Rights transactions.  He closely monitored and became specialised in the developing law in this particularly nuanced area of practice.

Consequently, Martin became involved with a number of peak Management Rights bodies, including QRAMA and in later years, ARAMA.  He frequently advised these bodies and presented to them in relation to changes to legislation and developments arising from common law decisions by the Courts. 

Martin has also been a valued member of the Gold Coast community.  In 1977 he co-founded BUSY Inc, at that time a not-for-profit organisation assisting long term unemployed Gold Coast youth.  Martin remains the President of BUSY Inc, which has now become a commercial enterprise, with a multi-million dollar budget.

Martin’s tireless volunteer work in this area, led to him being deservedly awarded an Order of Australia Medal in 1994.

Martin’s engagement within the community and his dedication to the legal profession will be missed.  His contribution to the evolution and development of SP&G as a leading Gold Coast legal practice has been profound and has left the firm with strong foundations for its continued growth and development in the years ahead.

We thank Martin and wish him the very best for his retirement years ahead.  Anyone who has previously dealt with Martin and seeks further legal advice or representation may wish to contact Martin’s personal assistant, Leonie Saxby on (07) 5570 9306.


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