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Email - Partners

John Punch     

Martin Punch   

Peter George  

Michael Backhaus

Tony O'Connor          tony.o'

Michael Webb 

Paul Jones      

Matthew Brook


Email - Lawyers

Peter Zdanowicz

Maria Stafurik

Aleisha Turner

Jeffrey Su       

Jessica Thomas

Andrew Such

Blake Lashmar


Email - Support Staff

Leonie Saxby - Assistant to Martin Punch        

Lesley Hermiston - Assistant to John Punch    

Leah Fast - Assistant to John Punch                  

Michelle Shields - Assistant to Michael Backhaus

Francene Quetcher - Assistant to Michael Webb

Mandy Clarke - Assistant to Peter Zdanowicz 

Karena Dixon - Assistant to Peter George        

Talei Towson - Assistant to Tony O'Connor       

Alison Turner - Assistant to Matthew Brook      


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