Land Acquisitions

Governments, Federal, State and Local have been undertaking extensive infrastructure programs to meet increasing community demand for services. In Queensland, particularly South East Queensland both State and Local governments are struggling to meet the needs of a rapidly growing demand for services in areas such as Transport, Education, Power, Water and Health.

The demand for services involves the expansion of road & rail networks and power grids, construction of bridges, dams and tunnels, and the establishment of Hospitals, Schools, Tafe Colleges, Universities, and the like.
Governments are also increasingly conscious of our environmental needs and are amongst other programs, showing a tendency to resume freehold titles and leasehold grants that might have in the past, in hindsight, been unwisely granted or issued.
Whilst the supply of infrastructure involves much use of the Crown land, compulsory acquisition of privately owned land will be inevitable.  Compulsory acquisition whether it is of residential or commercial land may well cause emotional upset for families in respect of residential land and certainly cause commercial dislocation in the case of commercial land.
SPG has had a long involvement in acting for clients affected by compulsory acquisition and resumption. SPG has been involved for many years in the field of compulsory acquisition and resumption, from advising clients affected by resumption of their homes to acting for clients commercially affected by resumption of farming, development and commercial holdings.
SPG can provide timely advice to clients in respect of their rights, the procedures involved and clients’ entitlement to compensation in cases of compulsory acquisition. Acting for clients has involved, where cases have not settled through negotiation or mediation, prosecution of cases to trial and where necessary to appeal.
If your property rights are affected by potential compulsory acquisition or resumption let SPG advise and assist you. Contact our dispute resolution team to help you with your concerns.