Property Law

Short Punch & Greatorix has extensive experience in property law, and is actively involved in several large developments. From Mirvac's first foray into multiunit development in 1978, SPG has continued its role in providing legal advice to some of the largest property developers in Queensland.

More recently, we have been involved with a number of local projects, including The Phoenician, Bel Air Resort, and Artique at the Gold Coast. Our involvement with these high rise hotels highlights SPG's ability to resolve disputes and issues, and the need for property developers to consult with legal advisors in order to ensure positive relationships between developers and purchasers.

The combined experience and qualifications of its partners guarantees that SPG is well prepared for any disputes or discrepancies that may arise. With legal expertise ranging from development to acquisition, compensation and litigation, our clients are assured of an expeditious and cost-effective resolution to any dispute.

Due to the rapid growth and intense development of South-East Queensland property, it is imperative that developers have access to the best legal advice regarding Planning, Environment and Resumption. SPG specialise in these areas, and have a strong background in this subject.

We deliberately avoid retainment with Government Authorities in all of these areas, in order to provide our clients with 100% loyal, conflict-free advice.