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“Did you know that Gold Coast tourism is dependant on privately owned strata apartments”

The hospitality and tourism industry in many parts of Australia and particularly in Queensland thrives and is dependant on privately owned serviced strata apartments.  The fact that Queensland is a leader in this field is hardly surprising as Queensland has been a leader both in Australia and overseas in the establishment of specialised legislation giving support to this important personal living and economic area.

The Building Units Act was enacted in 1966 providing the first legislative framework for vertical subdivision.  Following quickly, the Queensland Government enacted the Group Titles Act in 1973.

In 1980 a new and more comprehensive Building Units & Group Titles Act was enacted to both recognise and provide for increasingly more sophisticated framework for community living development.

In 1997 the Queensland Government, after very considerable consultation with the community, representative organisations and the legal fraternity, enacted the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 together with its differing modules.

This legislation has ushered in an era of sophisticated community development that would not even have been dreamed of all those years ago in 1966.  As a testament to the leadership of Queensland in this field, many of the legislative concepts are being considered or have been adopted in other states of Australia and overseas in countries such as New Zealand, Malaysia, Middle East, Japan and the United Kingdom.

And SP&G has been involved from the beginning.

SP&G has in all respects been involved, whether acting for Owners, Body Corporates, Resident Managers or Developers.

SP&G has:-

  • Acted for Owners buying, selling and managing their units;
  • Assisted Bodies Corporate and their Managers in a broad range of legal, management and administrative matters;
  • Assisted Bodies Corporate and their Managers in resolving all manner of disputes, where possible by conciliation or failing that by adjudication, specialist adjudications, Tribunals and Court proceedings;
  • Acted for Developers in the creation and establishment of Strata Schemes;
  • Consulted to industry organisations;
  • Consulted to Government in respect of legislative reform.

The SP&G Partners have attended, participated in and given papers at Conferences conducted by Real Estate organisations, Australian Resident Accommodation Managers Association well as the Strata Community Association (Qld).

In previous years, the SP&G Partners have participated in study tours in the USA, Japan, Malaysia and other South Asian countries looking to future trends of Strata and Body Corporate development and management in the future.

Particularly, we are knowledgeable as to the development of Master Planned Developments providing comprehensive serviced living arrangements, exemplified by developments such as Sanctuary Cove, Hope Island Resort, Royal Pines, Couran Cove and Coomera Waters.

If you have a matter involving body corporate developments and issues, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team.

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