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“We will protect and guide you through the challenges of litigation”

Commercial disputes are an unpleasant but sometimes unavoidable consequence of doing business. For over 45 years, SPG Lawyers Laywers have stood with our business clients in the face of conflicts that have inevitably lead to litigation.

Our difference

Our lawyers have practiced extensively in dispute resolution, predominantly through mediation.  We regularly act as advocates in mediation whether court ordered or through private agreement.  Through this process we have been able to engineer solutions for our clients in order to avoid litigation or to end existing litigation without the need to go to trial.

Whilst mediation is a successful pathway for many litigants, it is not always successful.  Where a mediation is unsuccessful, we have the skills and experience to vigorously litigate in tribunals, courts (State and Federal) and appellate courts on behalf of our clients.

We have achieved great success for many clients over many years, resulting in a significant number of legally reported decisions which have in turn, become precedent in Queensland’s Common Law.

Recent experience

Some recent cases in which we have achieved success for our clients, include;

  • Recovery of a multi-million dollar life insurance policy when indemnity was declined by the insurer;
  • Successfully recovering the land title of a client whose multi-million dollar property was the subject of a fraud on title;
  • Successfully resolving, through mediation, numerous claims upon the estate of a deceased person;
  • Obtaining orders from the Supreme Court of Queensland for the creation of a statutory Will concerning the affairs of a client who had lost capacity;
  • Protecting the interest of a land owner’s easement by challenging the application of an untested Local Government by-law;
  • Advising bodies corporate in respect of obligations as to maintenance and repair of common property in group title schemes.

Services we offer

Legal representation in tribunals and courts concerning;

  • Vendor and purchaser;
  • Building construction;
  • Body corporate and group title;
  • Insurance;
  • Workplace and industrial law;
  • Deceased estates, including:
    • Challenges as to testamentary capacity;
    • Claims for further and better provision under the Succession Act.
  • Partnership and joint venture disputes;
  • Loan, general security and mortgage default;
  • Insolvency;
    • Corporate winding up;
    • Bankruptcy.

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