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“Our knowledge and expertise ensures a streamlined process which not only adds value but saves you time when it counts”


SPG Lawyers has extensive experience in all aspects of property law and offers a complete range of development services.

Our difference

Our dedicated projects team will be with you every step of the way, no matter the size of your project. From due diligence on site selection all the way through to post settlement issues, we can help you to navigate to project completion.

We understand that developers need more than legal advice telling them what not to do, and instead pride ourselves on decades of experience, practical advice, project involvement and ability to work together with a broader team (for example a project’s town planner, surveyor, architect and body corporate manager) to add value to the project. Our knowledge and expertise ensures a streamlined process which not only adds value but saves you time when it counts.

Recent experience

We are constantly involved in projects of all types, from 2 lot subdivisions to sophisticated layered Community Titles Schemes. Some of our recent projects have been:

  • assisting resident owners to subdivide their rural lot into a titled duplex including drafting particular by-laws to meet their specific needs;
  • exclusively advising on all aspects in relation to the structuring and establishment of one of Queensland’s largest layered Community Titles Schemes and associated management rights;
  • acting for Administrators in relation to the sale of a large commercial Community Titles Scheme that had been terminated by Court Order, including considering the rights attaching to more than 100 former lots;
  • assisting with the acquisition of a large resort subject to the Mixed Use Development Act, and providing advice in relation to its titling and operational arrangements.

Services we offer

Some of the services we offer in this area include:

All projects

  • due diligence in relation to site selection including titling arrangements, encumbrances and existing arrangements such as leases;
  • structuring the proposed developer entity and any associated joint venture documents;
  • advising on whether other entities are required, for example for the purposes of a corporate reconstruction or for project management purposes;
  • considering and advising on FIRB approval issues;
  • preparing a purchase contract and/or put and call, including developer specific special conditions;
  • reviewing and assisting with finance documents in relation to site acquisition and construction through both senior and mezzanine funders;
  • preparing sales contracts and associated disclosure documents to meet the most up to date legislation and requirements of financiers;
  • preparing reports for financiers;
  • preparing and negotiating ground anchor and crane clearance documents with adjoining owners;
  • advising in relation to infrastructure agreements;
  • providing advice on less common legislation such as the Mixed Use Development Act, Building Units and Group Titles Act (BUGTA), Integrated Resort Development Act and site specific legislation;
  • our systems are set up to settle electronically;
  • we deliberately avoid retainment with Government Authorities in all of these areas, in order to provide our clients with 100% loyal, conflict-free advice.

Vacant land subdivisions

  • preparation of easements, covenants and other required dealings;
  • assisting with drafting building covenants;
  • reviewing and advising in relation to infrastructure agreements;
  • further disclosure pursuant to the Land Sales Act;
  • advising in relation to builder’s option term structures.

Strata title projects

  • liaise with the entire projects team in order to achieve the best titling structure for the development;
  • drafting contemporary by-laws to suit the development;
  • preparation of all disclosure material;
  • FIRB off the plan developer approvals;
  • providing pre-marketing advice in relation to risk mitigation with establishing management rights contracts;
  • embedded network arrangements;
  • advising on agreements with all service providers;
  • preparing further disclosure statements;
  • advice in relation to building defects and liabilities;
  • advice in relation to termination of community titles schemes.

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