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“We have tracked and guided our clients through profound changes in industrial laws across the past quarter of a century”

The workplace and employment law in Australia is complex and is littered with a history of amendments.  Part of the complexity has occurred as a result of the transition of most industrial instruments from State based jurisdictions to the jurisdiction of the Federal Government.

The introduction of the workchoices system in 2006 and the subsequent repeal of that system with the Fair Work Act in 2009, has presented many challenges for business employers which seek to ensure that they are compliant with their obligations and fair to their employees.

Our difference

SPG Lawyers is able to provide a complete service for employers seeking clarity in relation to legal obligations.  We are able to provide a suite of template documents for each individual business that can be used and reused by the business as it hires new or replacement staff.

In the event that a business is challenged by an employee or former employee, SPG Lawyers can also provide protection and defence against claims.  Through our years of experience we can navigate either a conciliated resolution or advocate in court or in tribunals in defence of claims brought.

Recent experience

Consistently, SPG Lawyers:-

  • Consults with businesses regarding human resource structures and general legal obligations;
  • Prepares template reusable workplace agreements;
  • Advises as to optimum structures taking into account lawful advantages such as award flexibility mechanisms;
  • Assists in conflict resolution through conciliation or mediation;
  • Where necessary, appears in courts or tribunals in defence of claims brought.

Services we offer

  • Advice as to minimums under national employment standards;
  • Guidance in relation to applicable industrial awards and standards;
  • Assistance in the negotiation of award flexibility;
  • Safeguarding businesses from general protections claims contained under the Fair Work Act (including discrimination protections);
  • Advising as to unfair dismissal claims including appearances in conciliations and hearings;
  • Providing guidance in respect of restructuring and redundancy;
  • Giving direction as to obligations upon transfer of businesses;
  • Ensuring compliance with legal obligations regarding conversion of casual employees to permanent part-time employees;
  • Advising generally as to proposed or likely future legislative movement;

Please contact Tony O’Connor for further information regarding workplace and employment law.

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