Succession Law

At Short Punch and Greatorix, our experienced team can provide advice, assistance and expertise in all areas of Business and Estate Planning. From simple Wills, to testamentary trusts, to more complex Business, Company and Trust arrangements or blended family situations.

Our approach is to work directly with your Accountants, Financial Planners and Superannuation Funds to ensure that your testamentary wishes are implemented in the most appropriate and tax effective ways. An accurate and effective Estate and Business plan is essential to ensure that your assets are both protected and distributed in accordance with your wishes.
Estate planning involves consideration of your asset structure, personal and family circumstances and also the circumstances of your intended beneficiaries. It's important for each of us to have a Will in place and the team at Short Punch & Greatorix can assist with the drafting of all Wills, from simple Wills to more complex Wills involving testamentary or other trusts arrangements. In addition, our team is able to draft guidelines for the Guardians of your children to record your wishes for the nurture and care of your children, which is an important consideration for many parents.
As part of your Estate and Business planning, we can assist with the implementation of General Powers of Attorney, Enduring Powers of Attorney  and Advance Health Directive documents. In some circumstances it may be necessary to apply to the Guardianship and Administration Tribunal for the appointment or a Guardian and/or an Administrator for a loved one who has not made an Enduring Power of Attorney and is no longer able to handle their affairs. The team at Short Punch and Greatorix is also able to provide advice and assistance to you with such applications.
In addition to Business and Estate Planning, we are also experienced in all areas of Estate and Trust administration, including obtaining a formal Grant of Probate of a Will or alternatively, apply for Letters of Administration where a person has died intestate (without a Will). We work closely with the Executors of an Estate to arrange for the collection, investment and distribution of Estate assets, the payment of all taxation liabilities and the calculation of Executors Commission. We can also provide advice and assistance with issues of contested Wills and Family Provision applications.
There are many potential pitfalls in this area of the law and the experienced team at Short Punch and Greatorix can provide professional advice and assistance to ensure that your assets are both protected and will pass to your intended beneficiaries without any unnecessary distress or undue complications.
Please contact Jasmine Rath for further information in regard to Succession Law.